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Emma June Designs is a luxury homeware brand specialising in unique, hand dyed textiles. Inspiration is drawn from the diverse colours of nature and the bohemian spirit.

Every item is dyed individually by hand using water based, non-toxic dyes. Have a peek at my online shop....

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Green Home

The colour of our surroundings affect us both physically and mentally. The colour green creates an atmosphere of peace and balance. It is the colour of growth and renewal and creates the feeling of being connected to nature. The relaxing nature of green has also been known to alleviate symptoms of anxiety and nervousness. Green is a rejuvenating, harmonic colour with many positive properties. Just a touch of green in your room can be enough to bring it's soothing energy into your home.

1. "Into the woods" print, www.kamman.dk
2. Green marble wall clock by Menu, www.finnishdesignshop.com
3. Hand blown and hand painted glass light, www.design-by-us.com
4. Alfredo vase, www.georgjensen.com
5. Avron vase, www.housedoctor.dk
6. Cono bowl designed by Marianne Neilsen, www.kählerdesign.com
7. Hurricane vase made from recycled glass, www.housedoctor.dk
8. Moss range of velvet cushions, www.emmajunedesigns-shop.com

Here are some details from my Moss range of Woodland cushions. I am loving the greens!