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Thursday, 29 August 2013

Chair Preparation

Removing the pins and staples is by far my least favourite part of reupholstering...

I have begun the process of reupholstering a new chair. The original fabric was actually really lovely, I felt bad removing it but it was too old and worn away in parts.

I will be using Annie Sloan chalk paint and wax to create a rustic aged effect on the wood. I mixed together 'Old White' with a small amount of 'Emile'.

On another note, check out this amazing chair I found attached to an old railway line, complete with mini library and books!

The Wonderful World of Chalk Paint

I have just discovered the wonders of Annie Sloan chalk paint! The amazing thing about it is you don't have to prepare the wood beforehand, so no sanding :) It also works on plastics and metals. There are so many youtube videos and different ways of using the paint but this video gives you a basic tutorial of what it can do:

Another great thing about Annie Sloan paint is that it is only available from independent shops. I bought mine from Rustiques in Milton of Crathes, Aberdeen. It made my suitcase rather heavy on my trip back to Denmark! It's available in many places in Europe but not Copenhagen unfortunately!

I tested it out on an old worn wooden chest.

First I removed the metal parts (you can paint over this but I preferred not to). Then I applied 2 coats of 'Old White' chalk paint. I mixed the clear and dark wax together as I didn't want it looking too dark. I love how fast and easy it is to use. The paint only takes about 15 minutes to dry. The part that takes the longest time is applying the wax and perfecting the finish you want.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Traveling Chairs

I have sent a package of 2 bespoke Georgian chairs from Denmark to sell in Aberdeen, Scotland. These chairs were bought in an auction in Sweden, designed and reupholstered in Norway and moved with me to Denmark!

It was a bit of an experiment to see how easy the delivery would be and if it will be possible to sell in the UK from here in Copenhagen. After only 4 days the package arrived; a little bashed but nothing my extreme bubble wrapping couldn't handle!

The chairs are for sale in David Florist, 39-43 Thistle Street, Aberdeen.

This green Georgian chair is named 'Deeside'. The colours remind me of the lush trees and plants along the Royal Deeside Way in Aberdeenshire.

The pink chair, named 'Aberlady', would have been in this beautiful pink window display but it sold before I could photograph it!

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Baby Ella

I've been working on a baby footprint project; a picture frame with little fabric footprints and cut out letters and numbers of the name and age of the baby.

I used the image of Ella's painted footprint to create a fabric impression.

I would love to do some more commissions for baby themed pictures, they are just so cute :) Please get in touch if you would like a little fabric footprint memory like this...

Fabric/Button Heaven

It's time to restock my fabrics so I ventured out on the search for fabric shops in Copenhagen. I quickly discovered an amazing shop called Stof2000, which just so happened to be having a SALE! :D

 Look at all the wonderful buttons!

And fabrics galore!

These are some of the colourful fabrics I bought that I'll be using for my next project... 

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Dream BIG

Yesterday was a very non productive day as I had to rush my poor cat to the vet after seeing her foam at the mouth! :( She's recovering with antibiotics and feeling very sorry for herself now... poor puss..

I finally got round to using the offcuts from my blue Rococo chair to make a new frame titled 'Dream Big'.

5 down, lots more sequins to sew!

Don't you think it matches my chair perfectly? I could also imagine it above a baby's crib...

 Both are for sale on my rather sparse looking Etsy website!