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Emma June Designs is a luxury homeware brand specialising in unique, hand dyed textiles. Inspiration is drawn from the diverse colours of nature and the bohemian spirit.

Every item is dyed individually by hand using water based, non-toxic dyes. Have a peek at my online shop....

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Lavender and Thistle

So today I carried THIS humongous package on my bike (in the rain) to the post office. As much as I love the cycling lifestyle in Copenhagen sometimes I really miss having a car!

These 2 chairs are traveling to Scotland to find their new home. They will be in the window of David Florist in the new year so grab them quickly if you are interested in a new statement piece of furniture! They would look gorgeous as a pair or individual. 

Both have been lovingly up-cycled with the finest of fabrics and re-painted using the Annie Sloan chalk paint (See my previous blog post- The Wonderful World of Chalk Paint) I used 'Old White' mixed with a teensy bit of 'Old Violet' and some dark wax to give them an aged effect.

The fabric used in the chair to the left, 'Thistle', is an absolutely beautiful Italian velvet. It was the last of it's kind from the shop and I just had to get it. Both fabrics have been hand dyed to create a unique blend of lilacs, pinks and blues with splashes of yellows in the chair to the right, 'Lavender'.

David Florist is located on 39-43 Thistle Street, Aberdeen, Scotland. They are open Monday- Saturday 9am-6pm. 


Saturday, 14 December 2013

Ombre Obsession

I have been browsing online and found so many beautiful ombre interior images, I thought I would share just a few...

Image via www.freshome.com

Image via www.thechestnutpark.blog

Image via pinterest

Image via www.alittleglassbox.com

Image via pinterest

Beautiful Chandelier! Image via pinterest

DIY tablecloth via pinterest

I just LOVE the ombre walls.

Here are a couple Emma June Designs super soft wool cushions. One is dip dyed in baby pink with a silky velour backing and the other is dip dyed in aqua with a linen backing.

Both are available on my Etsy store.

I have also created a little list of favourite ombre pieces from other Etsy shops, have a looky here for even more inspiration!


Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Velvet Loveliness

I've been working on a few orders and thought I would share some photos of the cushions I've been making.

I have been getting some custom orders for variations of the Velvet Purple Ombre Cushion.

One of my favourites are these huge floor cushions going to San Diego...

I have so many pretty scraps I'll have to make something with.

If you would like a custom 'Emma June Designs' cushion just get in touch on my Etsy shop

Now onto some upholstering!


Monday, 25 November 2013

Cushions cushions everywhere...

I've been trying to figure out what to do with my extra fabric samples.

What better way than making some more plush cushions to adorn your lovely homes!?

You can see this one and many others on my Etsy store!


Thursday, 21 November 2013

My Labels arrived!

Hurray :) I've been waiting on a package of woven labels from Hong Kong which finally arrived yesterday.

I ordered from www.worldwidelabel.net and would definitely recommend them. They work with you to create the design you want, I was so pleased with their service and delivery time. After all my planning i'm second guessing the colours I chose, but they are neutral and will match most things hopefully :)

The labels above are just pinned on, I can't wait to use them on my next project :D


Sunday, 17 November 2013

Beauty Bag

Everyone needs a little bag for makeup, jewelry, perfume, treasures..

Here are a few designs I've been working on. They are made of linen with a patterned cotton base and cotton lining. The bags are sealed with a metal zipper with suede leather tassels.

Christmas present anyone? ;)

Check them out on my Etsy store!


Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Ombre Love

I have been working on some more cushion designs, this time I have been incorporating the 'ombre' dyeing technique.

This cushion is made of a beautiful soft velvet with a silky velour backing. It has been through a number of dye processes to create the perfect blend of pinks and purples. The cushion is lined and has a zip fastening.

This baby pink ombre cushion is made from 100% wool with a velour backing. It is also lined and has a zip fastening.

I will be making more cushions in this style with different blends of colours. Have a look at my Etsy website to see the range of cushions I have for sale so far :)

Did you know...
It is said that in Europe during the Middle Ages, when cushions & pillows were a status symbol, King Henry VIII banned the use except for himself and pregnant women.  The industrial revolution finally saw the widespread use of both cushions & pillows in the UK when they became mass-produced by companies in the United States, making them more affordable.


Thursday, 26 September 2013

Cushions Galore

I have recently been working on a new collection of cushions. Whilst looking around shops and galleries in Copenhagen I have noticed a big influence from geometric shapes and tribal patterns. I've tried to incorporate this style into my designs. I have also noticed a lot of monochrome themes, which I considered, but my love for colour overcame :) Maybe I'll try it next time. The last couple days have been filled with pattern cutting, dying and sewing... Here are a few pictures of my dyeing technique and the finished cushions so far...

These cushions will be for sale on my Etsy website, but are not there quite yet! Stay tuned :)